My Fab Daughter

She is her fathers daughter …if you knew my husband you would know the apple didn't fall far from the tree , its still on the tree – sturdy and shining.

This woman is amazing….she will be your friend and confidante , she will champion you when everyone is against you , she will cry with you and laugh with you , she is kind, empathetic ( a quality that is rare these days) and loving.

She found her one true love in Fab Son In Law , her yin to his yang ……their wedding was fantastic– so personal and heartfelt , it was heart stopping for me xxxx

Then Fab Grandkids arrived and I fell madly in love ……

I cannot tell you how marvellous this family are…. they have overcome conventionality, prejudice and indifference …..they are truly amazing……..and they make me incredibly proud xx


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