Imagination is Funny !!

When I was young(ger) I use to pretend....
I was a singer in a band, depending on which singer I loved at time (Judy, Anita, Lorrie, Sinead....)
I was the best friend of Gene Kelly....never fancied him, always brother/friend I never had .....
I was Captain Kirks love of his life. Even if he didn't realise it at the time ( part of scenario)
I was a ghost singer/musician who got discovered....usually very multitalented, I never have been ha!ha!
I was Serafin (ala The Pirate)
I was Gene, Judy, Barbra , Sinead, Neilson ,Dr Hook Lorrie
The thing is need an imagination whether child or adult gives you hope, it gives you expectation , it gives you happiness and wonder ....and it gives you a feeling I cannot put into words
So I'm the nutty woman that loves New Years, Easter, Christmas, Mothers/Fathers Day, The Tooth Fairy, The Bogie Man, Symbols and Signs, Superstitions, Talking/Behaving Inappropriately ( if I'm brave enough - you guys I love you!) Lushes, Bitches( within reason) and the thought of living in a Musical excites me !!!

So keep on dreaming!!! If it comes to fruition - good for you!!!!
If it doesn't least you thought about it....some people don't !!!



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