I Don't Mind......

I know its annoying for you out there who know exactly what you want,where you want to go or what/who you like ; but I ,quite often, dont mind ......

I know this irrates,annoys and ,in extreme circumstances, angers people.You are decisive,opinionated ,ambitious blah blah blah !!! Annoying isnt it when someone makes you feel like shit for being you ? ( see where Im going with this?!)
I am tired of feeling inadequate by other people because '' I don't mind''  - you obviously do know what you want - so just bloody do it ,whether its a holiday or a bloody cake - or whatever! Stop trying to intimadate/belittle me by pressurising me into making a decision- if I have an opinion- Believe me I'll let you know ....till then ...I DONT MIND!!!!!


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