For a Friend xxxxxx

So, last night (Dec 2016) I listened to someone ( not UK born) spew forth their bile against someone ( also not UK born) who was off sick with Mental Health problems because a similar incident had happened 2 years prior  and they had been hospitalised for a few months then gone home for a few further months to see her children -Visas not being granted

This person stated that the reason the other person got to go home was because UK government paid for this ....
  1. I doubt it ( but even if they did I know this person from last time and she was not well last time)
  2. We are supposed to be Humanitarian FFS!!!!
  3. This is Mental Illness , just because she's a worker makes her no different than the people we look after.......We can still empathise  !!!!
  4. I'm not very articulate or knowledgeable on lots of things...Politics, Law etc  but I have a heart !!!!
  5. Shut the Fuck up !!!!!!


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