My Daughter is amazing.....she has battled the odds ( her upbringing, her accent, her individuality, her passion and her love) She loves to the point of pain, she embraces Life with a zeal and kindness that is rare .
This week has been horrendous  for her, her wonderful husband and her gorgeous children-  this week she miscarried her third child

It was said to them that the pregnancy was foolish , given their circumstances :

Son in Law is studying BSC Sound Engineering at Cardiff University, Working Part Time at Lidl and gigging as Lead Singer in a local Rock Band (with regular gigs I might add!)

Daughter blogs, vlogs and is currently editing her novel - originally taken from her dissention of her Masters in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University

Plus they home educate  my Grandchildren - who I have never seen so happy or as individual as they are today .....they are truly unique and wonderful

But these past days I have seen them broken , shattered....not just by the experience but by their treatment ...........people who should know better, who classed themselves as better - whether medical professionals or just friends....they didn't explain, they didn't inform ,. they never visited ( even for a short while)  and they certainly didn't set aside their own lives for a moment to empathise  with another human being!

What have we become? Who are we anymore? Where has the care gone ?

There's always an excuse, always a reason.............How do these people sleep at night?

Obviously well; for they have no conscious, no guilt, no remorse .



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