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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Colour Me Happy!!!

My Mom dyed her hair consistently until she got really sick towards the end of her life- I knew things were never going to be the same the day I offered to dye her hair and she said wearily'' oh no, leave it''........she had , like me, mousey brown hair but over the years it had been various shades of brown, red, blonde, violet and blue - my Dad use to say he never had to have an affair because there was always a different woman to come home to !

I started in my early teens  usually a brown shade then highlights( or streaks as we use to call them) I always said I'd dye my hair pink when I was 40 ......I was 52 when I eventually did it- you're never too old!
People react differently to hair colour ; when I was Pink I shared many a conversation or just a smile....

In M&S an elderly lady came dashing across at me and said'' I've had to find you ,to let you know how wonderful you look '' ( I was wearing a bright purple jacket at the time) I smiled all day !

Another time as I was talking to a friend of Fab Daughters- her little girl , who I noticed hadn't stopped staring at me, held up her pink doll and smiled in solidarity.

I use to work in a Care Home and every day there was one particular lady who had Dementia that loved to touch and talk about how lovely and bright my hair was.......

I had a woman in car stop me and tell me she was a hairdresser and she thought my hair was amazing!

A little girl about 5/6 asked whether she could sit by me on the bus into work then proceeded to tell me her favourite colour was pink, she was tidier than her mommy plus her tap shoes made her feet cold......

Why isn't it Pink now? I found for some reason that after Fab Hubbys passing being Pink didn't feel right, my lovely Counsellor Anne said it was perfectly natural though she ,too, said it looked lovely - Hubby loved  it! I think he enjoyed the extra attention haha !

Now its Fiery Red( thank you Nutrisse !)  and I've said once this colour fades I'm going to do something different - will I? What colour? ....hmmmmmm.........
Do you change your hair colour regularly?            What's your favourite hair dye?

Update 15/10/2018

I sit here today having dyed my amazing hair ( amazing it hasn't fallen out by now !) a lively shade of red.....I feel good ( cue James Brown) , I feel rejuvenated....I feel like me - at last ....and the Pink? Well- never say never .................


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