Be Happy!!!!

''Smile – It confuses people ”
This was a saying my mother loved – but then my mother loved smiling . If I ever recall her face, and I do on a regular basis , I see that beautiful smile . My grandmother had what the family called a ‘permanant smile’ – the same smile can be seen in every photograph!

I , apparently , I have inherited this trait  hahaha! Sometimes I just smile because I havent a clue whats going on or I havent heard whats been said – that can get complicated ” What are you smiling at !!!” –  but saying you dont understand or asking someone to repeat themselves several times because your brain isnt latching on to whats being said is not just frustrating for the other person but scary for you – and , no I havent got Dementia !!!!

Laugh and you can,sometimes , laugh alone……..
Laughter is a total different subject – I have a laugh for happiness and a ‘nervous’ laugh that emits when I’m not entirely sure what my response should be – this annoys people of course, depending on the situation, but it happens as I worry about responding-Confused? think how I feel ! The result of this laughter can have you labelled as stupid, simple minded or just not of consequence – its a bitter pill , but one I like because you would be surprised the things you hear, see or get told when people underestimate you plus theres always the surprise factor when enough is enough !

Finding Me
The trouble is we live in a world of opinions, decisions and ambition – in my head I can do all these , in reality I very rarely ,if ever , do any – thats me .
As I grow older I find I am getting to know more about me – despite others saying they knew things all along – I did not , no big deal , I’m just finding myself out – if you already know me then you know my potential, strengths and weakness’ – I’m enjoying finding them out – please don’t spoil it for me !

N.B My Parents had a serious row - Dad bought this LP for her Birthday (she was a big fan) .....listen to the end this day I'm not 100% he was aware but it resolved the row xxx


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