50 Things I Love.......

So, I have been nominated by my fab daughter@kallenwriter to make a list of 50 things I love …….

1.Kelly Allen , who is amazing,diverse,unique and just bloody marvolous
2.Warren Allen , Kellys Ying to her Yang in every way, her rock,her equal and the love of her life
3.George , the most fabulous adventurer  whose cwtches and kisses are a delight
4. Molly Mae, whose chatter and growls make me laugh and who sings her way through life
5. Ann, the sister I rage against and worry about , forever part of me in spite of everything
6.Jonathan , always in my heart and soul,you are with me always .I miss you so much xx
7.Mom, bloody hell Mrs I wish you were here to talk to us all xxxxx
8.Dad, I miss your strength in every way
9 .My Nan and all her family (Floss,Letty,Alice,Billy,Walter etc) and all those memories in my heart
10.My grandchildren wrapping thier arms round my neck- reminds me when Kelly use to do it – fab feeling
11.Hugs , something Ive grown to love
12.Ziggy – Oooh weve had some adventures ! Plus He’s always so happy to see me
13.Remembering my Mom singing
14.Ice cream and Meringue- separatly or together – I was asked to choose last week – it was agony !
15.Rain on the roof – I sleep in the attic – Fab
16. Being Warm – even in Summer
17.Coming home ( wherever I live)
18. Walking up from Talbot Green to Llantrisant – was a time I couldnt !
19.Buying stuff that makes me smile
20. Getting rid of stuff I dont use/need/want anymore
21.The sound of snow crunching underfoot
22. A good thunderstorm !
23. Laughing especially till I cry
24.Having the perfect answer at the precise moment I need it ( doesnt happen often)
25.Being 100% sure about something
26.When I get this parenting right ( yes I know she’s 33 !)
27. Being good at something- anything!
28.Timing crossing a road without getting run over
30.Fancy Dress
31.Hearing George and Molly happily chatting away downstairs ( remember I’m in the attic !?)
32. Hearing Warren and Molly – its so funny sometimes!
33.Hearing George correct everyone if they make a mistake etc
34.Hearing Warren practicing for a gig as I walk in from work
35.Watching Warrens face when talking to  Kelly – full of love
36.Seeing Kelly defend thier life choices with love and determination – you go girl!
37.That Kelly found her soulmate – and Warren found his
38.How happy George and Molly are on a daily basis since Homeschooling began
39.That I am on the cusp of another new beginning
40.Discovering a new song
41.That I don’t drink alcohol on a daily/3 x weekly basis
42.That I am slowly,still, learning to make decisions/ have an opinion
43.That I know I am not a pet person ( ie: I wouldnt want a permanant one)
44.Not wanting/looking for a date/partner/husband
46.Doing Nothing
47.Taking my shoes off and walking in barefeet in the street if I need to
48.Musicals especially Gene Kelly and Judy Garland ones
49.Shocking people at times
50.Life – I’m really not ready/looking forward to the alternative !!!
I now nominate @CollardHelena , @GhostWriter121, Sharon Grist    


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