The Journey Begins With The First Step ....Llantrisant - Llwynpia (May 2016)

Well,here I sit in a bedroom above The Cross Keys Pub in Llantrisant having walked here from Cardiff ( Approx 10 miles!
It was a ‘Will I, won’t I ? ‘ at the start – ‘ I’m never gonna do this!’ half the way through then ‘Sod it! I’m not going back!’ towards the end !I started out approx 1pm and got here about 5.30pm, not bad going all things considered. Feet feel buggered but knees doing well; back ached a bit especially towards the end but seems to have recovered now.
I used Moovit App on my phone which has a Live Location feature – avoided Miskin which is a country lane( I think, only gone that way on bus before) – so really pleased, it CAN be done and I have done it! Booked coach and Hostel for June 6-9th June in London(Travel=£13 return and £70 for 3 nights )I will sit down and map out (haha!) what to visit when I get there -Hope I don’t snore too much when there , but we’ll see!
Well, yesterday I intended to have a walk around the Common , take photos then go home …..

Yes, I did have a walk on the Common along with taking some photos but…. started following path adjacent to main road by Common, decided to walk to Tonyrefail as longest option when reaching signposting at an island.Feet not willing at times – these boots are a size 6 , thought would be ok as comfy at home and start of journey but they press on right big toe badly- can’t return as policy states ‘must not have been worn outside’- plus rucksack finally decided to part ways with zip , just as well as no ventilation on back so really damp and smelly when taken off …anyway I digress !
Walk itself was fab even if I did it slower than I intended – I had friendly ‘Hello’ from a cyclist at one point, plenty of acknowledged thanks between myself and drivers – scenery was stunning , met two lovely miniature Shetland ponies in a field/farm – saw areas I wouldn’t normally have seen, some people live in lovely places!
Then I hit Tonyrefrail. I was panicking slightly as I couldn’t see any shops ( I needed Cashpoint and water ) Luckily Moovit found a shop ( girl in shop was really lovely have to say) plus right by bus stops!!!! I had choice of bus to Talbot Green then one to Cardiff or TonyPandy and I didn’t want to go back , just yet! I needed a train and there isnt one in Tonyrefrail ,so I boarded bus to TonyPandy.
This is one of the many things I love about Movitt – as previously stated it does Live Location , this also includes Train/Bus Location which will not only tell you what train/bus to catch but it will count down the stops and tell you when to get off – believe me I need this info !ha!haI got off at the Rugby Club and walked into Tonypandy , its quite big and has some lovely views as well as good shops ( though it was Bank Holiday and they weren’t all open) There were memorials and info on the TonyPandy Riots which were really interesting as well as a plaque commemorating the actor Donald Houston.I walked to Llwynpia , another nice area and found the train station, and got train back to Cardiff (I passed Porth on way -dammit! Another 2.5 miles would have got me there but there will be other days!) Had a pint and steak at Prince of Wales then went home …… I’ve really enjoyed these past 2 days and will definitely do this again ( both this journey and others) Tomorrow I’m going to buy new boots and backpack/rucksack. I have London trip ahead of me (oh my!) So shall keep writing. I feel fab in myself and Life is do-able again





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